The Art and Heart of the Deal

By Frank Pagani
For Salvatore Campofranco, real estate has been a labor of love ever since he was a kid on Long Island, where he used to help his father who ran a homebuilding business.

“On Saturdays, I cleaned up the homes that my father built before the occupants moved in,” he recalls. “I learned very early the pride that comes with building a better place for families.” He also devel- oped an appreciation for … Read More

Boston Homes

By Marilyn Jackson
After years of debate among the Commonwealth, the city land commissioners and the Boston Water Company, the Commonwealth in 1859 first began filling the Back Bay tidal flats block by block from the Public Garden at Arlington Street to Clarendon Street. One of the earliest homes to be built on the new land was the Gibson House, now a Victorian house museum, constructed on Beacon Street in 1860.… Read More